• Tulip Leather Needles

    £5.68 excluding vat
    Tulip leather Needles - 2 Needles per pack Available in - Short - Middle - Long
  • Tulip Piecing Needles

    £5.68 excluding vat
    Tulip Piecing Needles - 6 Needles per pack. Available in:- No8 - 0.61mm x 37.0mm No9 - 0.61mm x 35.0mm
  • Tulip Quilt Basting Needles Long / Regular - 6 Needles per pack, the pack contains 3 0.69x48.0mm & 3 0.61x45.0mm.
  • Tulip Easy - Threading Assorted Needles - 6 Needles per pack - Mixed
  • Tulip Tapestry Yarn Needles

    £5.68 excluding vat
    Tulip Tapestry Yarn Needles This needle point is rounded to keep the yarn from breaking, making it great for woolen embroidery and finishing up knitting projects.
  • Tulip Sewing Needles Sharp Tip Large needle eye, Flexible and warp resistant, runs smoothly through fabric. Available in:- #7 - 8 Needles Per Pack - 0.69mm x 39.7mm #8 - 8 Needles Per Pack - 0.61mm x 36.5mm #9 - 8 Needles Per pack - 0.53mm x 33.3mm Assorted Pack:- 2 x #7 - 3 x #8 - 3 x #9
  • Tulip Twisted Beading Needles

    £5.24£8.75 excluding vat
    Tulip Twisted Beading Needles
    • 2 needles per pack for the short needles
    • 1 per pack for the long
  • Tulip Cellulose Head Pins Tulip thin. 0.45 x48.0mm x 15pcs per pack. Great for tacking standard fabrics such as cotton, hemp and wool. Can be ironed over.
  • Tulip Applique Pins

    £5.33 excluding vat
    Tulip applique pins
  • Tulip Cording Needles

    £6.12£9.62 excluding vat
    Tulip cording needles 2pcs - Boutis et Trapunto Boutis is a traditional French quilting, where two layers of fabric are quilted together with cotton stuffing placed between sections of the design in order to give a raised effect. Boutis needles are especially designed for 'cording', a process in boutis to pull cotton threads between fine stitches for stuffing, with round needle tips to avoid breaking the fabric and a long needle eye that is easy for thick thread to go through.   Short Needle Pack contains 2 needles: 1.24mm x 48.5mm and 1.36mm x 94.0mm Long Needle Pack contains: 3 needles - Sizes: 1.09x177.8mm, 106x130.0mm & 1.06x90.0mm
  • Tulip Suitto Auto Needle Threader Suitto is easy to operate, requiring users only to set a needle and a thread, and press the button. The button doubles up as a thread cutter and the base of the needle threader has a magnet strip so you can collect those loose needles with ease. Suitto enables users to thread needle easily. For use with oval eye needles.
  • Sashiko stitching is a traditional embroidery style from Japan. Originally used for repairs and reinforcements, in the present day it is more often employed for its decorative purpose. These 4 designs are inspired by popular Hawaiian quilts. The 4 sets are: Hibiscus (KSW-001E) - Tulip Sashiko Needles (1), Shashiko thread Orange (6), Pink (5), Purple (6), Pre Printed white cotton cloth (1) & Instructions (1) Plumeria (KSW-002E) - Tulip Sashiko Needles (1), Shashiko thread light yellow (5), Yellow (1), olive (8), light blue (5) Pre Printed white cotton cloth (1) & Instructions (1) Anthurium (KSW-003E) - Tulip Sashiko Needles (1), Shashiko thread green (3), varigated (14),  Pre Printed white cotton cloth (1) & Instructions (1) Honu (Turtle) (KSW-004E) - Tulip Sashiko Needles (1), Shashiko thread light blue (6), varigated (3), brown (3), green (5)  Pre Printed white cotton cloth (1) & Instructions (1)
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