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    2 lovely wooden display cases designed and made for the beautiful Tulip Hiroshima hand sewing needles. 72 types of needles & pins with 4 of each.  Total of 288 packs of needles & pins Cases are completely stocked making it really east to set up in your store.
  • Tulip Pin Cushion

    £15.00 excluding vat
    Tulip Pin Cushion Available in 12 Colours
  • Tulip Bullion Knot Needles

    £5.68 excluding vat
    Tulip Bullion Knot Needles
  • Tulip Silk Needles

    £5.68 excluding vat
    Tulip Silk Needles The best needle for silk, thin cotton and all other delicate fabric, the superior polished finish allows them to easily glide through the fabric. 6pcs per pack.
  • Tulip Kogin Needles

    £5.33 excluding vat
    Tulip Kogin Needles
  • Tulip Akari Glass Headed Pins

    £5.33 excluding vat
    Tulip Akari Glass Headed Pins
  • Tulip Aosora Glass Headed Pins
  • Tulip Sakura Glass Headed Pins
  • Tulip Shizuku Pins

    £5.33 excluding vat
    Tulip Shizuku Pins
  • Sashiko stitching is a traditional embroidery style from Japan. Originally used for repairs and reinforcements, in the present day it is more often employed for its decorative purpose. These 4 designs are inspired by popular Hawaiian quilts. The 4 sets are: Hibiscus (KSW-001E) - Tulip Sashiko Needles (1), Shashiko thread Orange (6), Pink (5), Purple (6), Pre Printed white cotton cloth (1) & Instructions (1) Plumeria (KSW-002E) - Tulip Sashiko Needles (1), Shashiko thread light yellow (5), Yellow (1), olive (8), light blue (5) Pre Printed white cotton cloth (1) & Instructions (1) Anthurium (KSW-003E) - Tulip Sashiko Needles (1), Shashiko thread green (3), varigated (14),  Pre Printed white cotton cloth (1) & Instructions (1) Honu (Turtle) (KSW-004E) - Tulip Sashiko Needles (1), Shashiko thread light blue (6), varigated (3), brown (3), green (5)  Pre Printed white cotton cloth (1) & Instructions (1)
  • Tulip Suitto Auto Needle Threader Suitto is easy to operate, requiring users only to set a needle and a thread, and press the button. The button doubles up as a thread cutter and the base of the needle threader has a magnet strip so you can collect those loose needles with ease. Suitto enables users to thread needle easily. For use with oval eye needles.
  • Tulip Cording Needles

    £6.12£9.62 excluding vat
    Tulip cording needles 2pcs - Boutis et Trapunto Boutis is a traditional French quilting, where two layers of fabric are quilted together with cotton stuffing placed between sections of the design in order to give a raised effect. Boutis needles are especially designed for 'cording', a process in boutis to pull cotton threads between fine stitches for stuffing, with round needle tips to avoid breaking the fabric and a long needle eye that is easy for thick thread to go through.   Short Needle Pack contains 2 needles: 1.24mm x 48.5mm and 1.36mm x 94.0mm Long Needle Pack contains: 3 needles - Sizes: 1.09x177.8mm, 106x130.0mm & 1.06x90.0mm
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