• Tulip Sakura Glass Headed Pins
  • Tulip Sashiko Needles

    £5.68 excluding vat
    Long The Tulip Hiroshima Sashiko needle has a large eye and is flexible and warp resistant. Tulip Sashiko Needles 6 Needles per pack - Assorted Long - 2 each 1.02mm x 66.7mm, 0.97 x44.5mm, 0.84mm x 51.5mm Short - 2 each 0.84mm x 45.5mm, 0.91mm x 42.9mm, 0.84mm x 36.4mm Big Eye Thick  - 4 off 0.91mm x 51.5mm Big Eye Thin - 4 off 0.84mm x 51.5mm
  • Tulip Sewing Needles Sharp Tip Large needle eye, Flexible and warp resistant, runs smoothly through fabric. Available in:- #7 - 8 Needles Per Pack - 0.69mm x 39.7mm #8 - 8 Needles Per Pack - 0.61mm x 36.5mm #9 - 8 Needles Per pack - 0.53mm x 33.3mm Assorted Pack:- 2 x #7 - 3 x #8 - 3 x #9
  • Tulip Shizuku Pins

    £5.33 excluding vat
    Tulip Shizuku Pins
  • Tulip Silk Needles

    £5.68 excluding vat
    Tulip Silk Needles The best needle for silk, thin cotton and all other delicate fabric, the superior polished finish allows them to easily glide through the fabric. 6pcs per pack.
  • Tulip Suitto Auto Needle Threader Suitto is easy to operate, requiring users only to set a needle and a thread, and press the button. The button doubles up as a thread cutter and the base of the needle threader has a magnet strip so you can collect those loose needles with ease. Suitto enables users to thread needle easily. For use with oval eye needles.
  • Tulip Tapestry Needles (Various Sizes)

    £5.24£7.86 excluding vat
    Tulip Tapestry Needles A comprehensive size range of tapestry needles created to use with a range of yarns. Using needles of different sizes according to the thickness of yarn makes it possible to bind off neatly. The large eyes make it easy to thread the yarn through the needle and the rounded tip avoid the yarn splitting making them perfect for binding the seams together. The 2 assorted packs come with a magnetic case with additional space to add additional needles. These Packs are: Thick Sizes: No. 13, 14, 15 & 16; 4 needles per pack Thin Sizes: No. 16, 17, 18, 20 & 23; 5 needles per pack Please note the size chart below:
    Needle Size No. Yarn Type Needle Size Needles per Pack
    13 Chunky / Bulky 2.40mm x 70.0mm 2
    14 Aran / Worsted 2.10mm x 65.0mm 3
    15 Aran / Worsted 1.81mm x 60.0mm 3
    16 Light DK / Sport 1.60mm x 60.0mm 3
    17 4 Ply / Fingering 1.35mm x 54.5mm 3
    18 3 Ply / Light Fingering 1.24mm x 48.5mm 3
    20 2 Ply / Lace Weight 1.07mm x 45.5mm 3
    23 Lace Weight 0.89mm x 39.5mm 3
  • Tulip Tapestry Yarn Needles

    £5.68 excluding vat
    Tulip Tapestry Yarn Needles This needle point is rounded to keep the yarn from breaking, making it great for woolen embroidery and finishing up knitting projects.
  • Tulip Twisted Beading Needles

    £5.24£8.75 excluding vat
    Tulip Twisted Beading Needles
    • 2 needles per pack for the short needles
    • 1 per pack for the long
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