• Beading Needle Gift Box Set

    £30.00 excluding vat
    Beading Needle Gift Box Set This beading needle gift box set includes a complete size collection of the beading needles all featured in the iconic Tulip tube with their little corks. With this you receive a fine beading awl with a pink cushion grip. Needles sizes are: 10 Short, 10 Long, 11, 12 and 13 Package size: 162mm x 110mm 35mm The handles do not contain Latex or Rubber
  • Tapestry Needles Assorted (Sharp Tip)
    • Assorted needles of different thicknesses and lengths come in a portable handy case with magnetic button closure.
    • The magnet attached to the case can be used to place or pick up needles.
    • The sharp tip of the needle is convenient for binding-off and splitting the yarn to sew pieces together, such as when joining sleeves to the body.


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