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    Bead Crochet Recipe Book Vol. 1 The Bead Crochet book covers a range of techniques including the essential basics required for bead crochet and patterns. Perfect for beginners.
  • Bead Knitting Needles (Various Sizes)

    £4.37£9.62 excluding vat
    Bead Knitting Needles These needles are flexible and yet resistant to bending. The points are slightly rounded which helps prevent splitting of the thread. 2 needles per pack and available in 2 sizes: Short & Long
  • Loom Work Beading Needle

    £2.61 excluding vat
    Loom Work Beading Needle The long needle enables users to string many beads onto the thread at one time. These are perfect for creating accessories, bags and other items with a bead weaving machine. 3 needles per pack all one size
  • Tapestry Needle for Bead Crochet The perfect tool for finishing your bead crochet projects, the fine needle can pierce through firmly crocheted stitches resulting in a neat finish 3 needles per pack, fine, medium and thick  
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    Tulip Beading Needles

    £2.83£10.49 excluding vat
    High quality needles made in Japan. Quantities per size: 10 Short - 4 pcs per pack 10 Long - 4 pcs per pack 11 - 4 pcs per pack 12 - 2 pcs per pack 13 - 2 pcs per pack Mixed - 4 pcs per pack
  • Tulip Craft Awl

    £5.47£6.53 excluding vat
    Tulip Fine Beading Awl (TM-01E/TM-02E/TP-007E)        TP-007e Fine Beading Awl Out of Stock Due In 15/06/19
    • The thin tip is designed for making small holes and deburring objects such as pearl beads.
    • The sharp needle tip is handy for untangling threads
    • The easy-to-hold cushion grip fits the hand without becoming slippery or tiring to hold.
    Available in Pink or Mint Tulip Craft Awl (TM-03E)
    • For making holes in fabrics or thin leather and deburring objects such as pearl beads
    Tulip Round Tip Awl (TM-04E)
    • For various types of craft including paper, leather and sewing
    Tulip Bent Tip Craft Tool (TM-05E)
    • For various types of craft including machine sewing and quilting
    The handles do not contain Latex or Rubber
  • Tulip Pin Cushion

    £15.00 excluding vat
    Tulip Pin Cushion Available in 12 Colours
  • Tulip Sucre Bead Crochet Hook

    £6.00 excluding vat
    Use this Sucre to make your own attractive accessories. Available in various sizes. The handles do not contain Latex or Rubber
  • Convenient case to carry, includes five Sucre bead crochet needle. The handles do not contain Latex or Rubber
  • Tulip Sucre Bead Crochet Carry Case Empty polka dot case designed for the Sucre Bead Crochet collection. Designed to fit 5 crochet hooks plus some accessories with in its inner pouch. The carry case can fit any kind of crochet hook. Now you can create your own sized set.
  • Tulip Twisted Beading Needles

    £5.24£8.75 excluding vat
    Tulip Twisted Beading Needles
    • 2 needles per pack for the short needles
    • 1 per pack for the long


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