• Knitting Blacking Wires for the blocking your knitting patterns.
  • Clamp

    £5.58 excluding vat
  • Felting All in One Kit

    £9.33 excluding vat
    Feltomo Felting All in One Kit This little pink starter kit has everything you need to give you your first taste at felting. The kit includes, pink punching pad (100mm x 150mm x 55mm), Pink colour Feltomo needle with lid, pink mushroom kit containing bright pink wool, peach wool and a pattern.
  • Feltomo (Needle Replaceable) Single Felting Needle The felting needle is especially designed for dry wool to make figures of your own. This felting needle is easy to replace and fits both the thick and fine needles, the grip is really comfortable to hold and will not slip, so you will not become tired even if you are felting for a long time. The hard cap ensures that the needle can be stored safely for your convenience.  
  • Feltomo Replacement Felting Needles Replacement felting needles available in 2 sizes and with 2 pieces per pack. This can be used without a grip if preferred but recommended with the Tulip Feltomo single needle and single & 3 needle wooden grips
  • Feltomo Single Felting Needle

    £5.20 excluding vat
    Feltomo Single Felting Needle Soft rubber grip (TPE) dry felting needle. Custom-made needle point designed especially for dry felting wools. Anti-slip special rubber coating grip eases hand fatigue and allows a balanced punch. The safety cap is included.
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    Gold Plated Premax Embroidery Stork Scissors 3 1/2 A timeless classic, these stork scissors are three and a half inches long with the finest nickel plated carbon steel handles. These delicate scissors are a pleasure to use, ideal for any craft-work requiring small precision they are the perfect size for any sewing box.
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    Hancocks Cloth Marker Pencils Assorted Colours Hancocks marker pencils available as a pack of 3. These mini sized pencils are perfect for smaller projects, home sewers or those just starting out. 3 different colours per pack and the colours may vary from time to time.
  • Hancocks Cloth Marker Pencils (Box of 10)
    Hancocks Tailors Cloth Marking Pencils in Standard 7 inch and a half length. The chalk marking material is protected by the wooden pencil covering and used in much the same way as conventional tailors chalk. Always test on a spare piece of fabric to check that the marks can be removed before using on the main work, method of removing marks is by light brushing. Available in the following colours: White, Black (Silver Graphite), Blue, Fluorescent Green, Red, Yellow and Assorted. **Fluorescent Green require a U.V light to be shown**
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    Hancocks Square Garment Wax (box of 50)
    Hancocks Garment Marking Wax / Tailors Wax also known as London Wax Crayons are suitable for use on wool or worsted materials and are usually removed from the material by a warm iron. Available in the following colours: White, Black, Blue, Fluorescent Blue, Fluorescent Green, Red, Natural, Yellow and Assorted. **Fluorescent Colours require a U.V light to be shown** The assorted range contains 50% white and mix of the other colours.
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    Hancocks Tailors Marking Chalk (pack of 50)
    We make the chalk so that the mark will stay on whilst work is in progress and as easy as possible to brush off when work has finished (always test first).
    • Made in the UK
    • Made from China Clay
    • Used by professional tailors and dressmakers throughout the world
    Available in the following colours: Yellow, Blue, Black, Red, White and Assorted The assorted range contains 50% white and mix of the other colours.
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