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    Tulip Quick Clear Gauge

    £6.33 excluding vat
    Tulip Quick Clear Gauge   The quick clear gauge is a square ruler that measures the number of stitches. Its transparency makes it convenient and easy to use as you can see stitches through the rule. Package size: 108mm x 130mm x 1mm  
  • Tulip Row & Stitch Counter

    £2.80 excluding vat

    Tulip Row & Stitch Counter

    Twist the end until the correct number appears after finishing each stitch or row of stitches.  
  • Tulip Shaped Needle Point Protectors By using point protectors a double-needle can be used as a single point needle.  Point protectors will keep your stitches from slipping off the end of your needle when you put your work down.  Tulip shaped point protectors will not roll off your table, unlike rounded ones. There are 6 colours available split across 2 sizes:
    • Pink (Small - 2mm to 4.5mm)
    • Blue (Small - 2mm to 4.5mm)
    • Green (Small - 2mm to 4.5mm)
    • Navy (Medium - 4mm to 6.5mm)
    • White (Medium - 4mm to 6.5mm)
    • Orange (Medium - 4mm to 6.5mm)
  • Tulip Stitch Marker Set 15pcs/Pack
  • Tulip Stitch Markers 7pcs/Pack
  • Tulip Tapestry Needles (Various Sizes)

    £5.24£7.86 excluding vat
    Tulip Tapestry Needles A comprehensive size range of tapestry needles created to use with a range of yarns. Using needles of different sizes according to the thickness of yarn makes it possible to bind off neatly. The large eyes make it easy to thread the yarn through the needle and the rounded tip avoid the yarn splitting making them perfect for binding the seams together. The 2 assorted packs come with a magnetic case with additional space to add additional needles. These Packs are: Thick Sizes: No. 13, 14, 15 & 16; 4 needles per pack Thin Sizes: No. 16, 17, 18, 20 & 23; 5 needles per pack Please note the size chart below:
    Needle Size No. Yarn Type Needle Size Needles per Pack
    13 Chunky / Bulky 2.40mm x 70.0mm 2
    14 Aran / Worsted 2.10mm x 65.0mm 3
    15 Aran / Worsted 1.81mm x 60.0mm 3
    16 Light DK / Sport 1.60mm x 60.0mm 3
    17 4 Ply / Fingering 1.35mm x 54.5mm 3
    18 3 Ply / Light Fingering 1.24mm x 48.5mm 3
    20 2 Ply / Lace Weight 1.07mm x 45.5mm 3
    23 Lace Weight 0.89mm x 39.5mm 3
  • Tulip Tapestry Yarn Needles

    £5.68 excluding vat
    Tulip Tapestry Yarn Needles This needle point is rounded to keep the yarn from breaking, making it great for woolen embroidery and finishing up knitting projects.


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