Tulip has put effort into exports for many years, and our traditional Japanese technologies have been used in many countries worldwide.
In the future, we hope to bring the traditional handcrafts from these countries to Japan, and the network which we have already constructed ‘gives us a great opportunity to do this.

Making use of this opportunity, we invited a pojagi instructor from Korea to give demonstrations, and we are now the only manufacturer of the special pojagi needles in Japan.

We also introduced felting from Holland, and offer colourful wool yarns that are only made in Europe, as well as products which can be enjoyed by younger persons in their busy modem lifestyles.
In order to introduce the Turkish craft “oya,” we are developing products together with a Japanese expert on Turkish traditional handcrafts, and are planning opportunities for as many people as possible to experience this craft for themselves.

This will certainly be something to look forward to.