Beginning from 1970, Tulip has been supplying the needle set that is included in home economics sewing kits for 5th year elementary school students. The needles you first encountered in elementary school were Tulip needles!

During the early 1970s, we delivered 1.3 million of these needle sets annually, however the number of sets sold began to decline in the 1980s as people began having fewer children.

At present, we deliver 700,000 sets per year, and Tulip needle sets account for an approximately 70% share of the teaching needle sets in Japan.

Cellulose marking pins were developed for home economics instruction by the first president of Tulip in 1965.
The head was coated with cellulose, and letters could be printed on the reverse side. They were developed to allow students to write their names on the pins, so that if they were dropped it would be possible to determine who they belonged to.

These pins were created with the desire that students learn to take good care of even the smallest tools.