Tulip Hand Sew Needle Range with 1 Wooden Case

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1 lovely wooden display cases designed and made for the beautiful Tulip Hiroshima hand sewing needles.

36 types of needles & pins with 4 of each.  Total of 144 packs of needles & pins

Cases are completely stocked making it really east to set up in your store.

Out of stock

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1 lovely wooden display cases designed and made for the beautiful Tulip Hiroshima hand sewing needles.

All their needles are made in their factory with machinery designed and manufactured in their own R&D department, the attention to detail provided throughout their entire manufacturing process is what stands these needles apart from all the other brands around.

This display cases are versatile enough to be used as a counter display whilst have peg holes so you could hang them on a fixture or wall.

It comes filled with 36 variants of needles and pins with 4 of each type with in it giving you a complete and full display case.

The image depicts the 1 case complete, the cases are £40 each separately but come free with this package.

The needles and pins included are:

SKU Description
TPPC009 Piecing Needles #9
TPBT008 Quilting Needles Betweens #8
TPBT009 Quilting Needles Betweens #9
TPBT010 Quilting Needles Betweens #10
TPBT012 Quilting Needles Betweens #12
TPBT013 Quilting Needles Betweens #13
TPAP010 Applique Needles #10
TPAP010BE Applique Needles #10 Big Eye
TPAP011 Applique Needles #11
TPQBLR Quilt Basting Needles Long/Regular
TPSP008 Sewing Needles Sharp Tip #8
TPSP009 Sewing Needles Sharp Tip #9
TPSPMIX Sewing Needles Sharp Tip Mixed Sizes
THN-072E Cellulose Head Pins Momiji (Maple Leaf)
THN-073E Cellulose Head Pins Tulip Thin
THN-074E Cellulose Head Pins Tulip
THN-075E Patchwork Pins
THN-092E Applique Pins
TPEB005 Embroidery Needles Sharp Tips #5
TPEB006 Embroidery Needles Sharp Tips #6
TPEB007 Embroidery Needles Sharp Tips #7
TPEB008 Embroidery Needles Sharp Tips #8
TPEB009 Embroidery Needles Sharp Tips #9
TPEB010 Embroidery Needles Sharp Tips #10
TPEB012 Embroidery Needles Sharp Tips #12
TPCSMIX Tapestry Needles Cross Stitch Round Tip Mixed Sizes
TPSHTKBE Shashiko Needles Big Eye Straight Thick Sizes
TPSHTNBE Shashiko Needles Big Eye Straight Thin Sizes
TPLTSH Leather Needles Short
TPLTMD Leather Needles Middle
TPLTLG Leather Needles Long
TPETMIX Easy Threading Needles Mixed Sizes
TPSTTKMIX Milliners Straw Needles Thick Mixed Sizes
TPSTTNMI Milliners Straw Needles Thin Mixed Sizes
TPST10BE Milliners Straw Needles Big Eye #10
TPCHMIX Chenille Needles Mixed Sizes

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